Windham AIDS Care and Assistance Program
Serves Windham County individuals HIV+ and/or AIDS, with the following bilingual services:
  • Case Management services provide early intervention including medical, dental and
    laboratory services.  It assists clients in accessing and establishing eligibility for
    medical needs, psychological support needs, financial assistance programs and
    emergency assistance.
  • The Children's Coordinator/Case Manager recruits and trains individuals and families
    to provide temporary housing and support to children whose parent(s) are in need of
    respite due to AIDS related illnesses.  She provides case management, and
    supervises the coordination of children's support groups and activities.
  • Housing Assistance helps clients seeking housing who are homeless or in need of
    relocation or in need of rental assistance, and acts as a liaison between landlords and
    related agencies.
  • The Host Home program, a collaboration effort of the Windham AIDS Program
    provides respite services to children, a play group, a parenting group, and a support
    group for children who are aware of their parents' illness.
  • The Drop In Center welcomes clients and their significant others into a place to relax.
  • The Buddy Program - volunteers provide individualized support to HIV positive people.
  • The Food Voucher Program provides about 38 individuals per year, who have
    exhausted other resources, with vouchers for food.

The Windham AIDS Program served 119 clients during the 2006-2007 program year.
For more information contact Belinda Clark, Program Coordinator, at
(860) 423-4534 ext. 327 or email
Provided with permission from the
State of Connecticut 8/26/06